Saturday, December 29, 2012

 Dec 29, 2012

Well, a reader of this blog sent me a message telling me that he was taking Mr. Luna to court over some work (to use the term loosely) he had done. He asked if he could use my incident to help support his case. I willingly obliged and allowed to the reader to use anything he wanted to help take this Luna dirt-bag down. I have not heard back from the reader but I hope all went in his favor. If it was against Mr. Luna, I'm sure it wasn't very hard to make a case against him. It is possible and very likely that Mr. Luna and his REAL Construction company is out of business by now.

If REAL Construction is closed down, it's very likely that Mr. Luna will probably start all over again under a different name. Hey Raul, why not try FAIL Construction this time as it better describes your work!

Thanks to all the readers who posted their support for me. Unfortunately, I am not currently in a financial position to take any legal action against Luna or hire a roofer. I hope to keep this blog going to keeping Mr. Luna from screwing anyone else.

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